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Digital Enablement Platform

The leading Digital Enablement Platform

Join 500+ businesses that use TruCash digital solutions and APIs to pay, reward, and activate customers on a global scale.

Join 500+ businesses that use TruCash digital solutions and APIs to pay, reward, and activate customers on a global scale.

Empower every team with real rewards

Today’s business problems require speed and flexibility. Our clients have diverse needs, so our solutions do too.

Corporate Incentives.
Real-time Recognition.
Motivate Teams.
Enhance Visibility.
IT Teams
Single APIs.
Mobile Development.
TruCash for Marketing Teams

Real-time Recognition

Deliver rewards and incentives that drive customer engagement, loyalty and revenue growth. Gain access to physical and virtual reward options, brand customization and in-depth reporting.

TruCash for Marketing Teams

Incentives for every reason, season or lifestyle

Give up on impersonal, boring rewards. Deliver the right incentive every-time with flexible open-loop digital reward products accepted at millions of locations around the world.

TruCash for Marketing Teams

Earn and burn points

Create, customize and launch customer promotions with our award-winning points-to-cash platform. Attract and retain clients with flexible parameters for any size of businesses.

TruCash for Operations Teams

Manage disbursements in real-time

Quickly distribute funds, issue cards, manage transactions and define payment options on a global scale. Customize payment tools and control how money is sent, received and spent.

TruCash for Operations / HR

Offer rewards your staff actually want

Improve employee engagement, tie rewards to results and build a culture of excellence across your organization. On-the-spot rewards provide instant gratification, great for staff recognition, bonuses, awards and more.

Tourism rewards prove their worth in real-time.
TruCash for Operations

Full spend visibility

Track cardholder spending habits by location, merchant, date and more from one interactive dashboard. Share these insights to make data-driven decisions and improve future promotions.

TruCash for IT Teams

Powerful APIs

Integrate our suite of APIs with your existing payment technology. Launch an affordable, feature-rich program in weeks, not months.

TruCash for IT Teams

Advanced Mobile Features

Improve engagement with built-in mobile access via our balance, wallet or points-ready apps. Increase adoption and excitement with mobile push notifications, geo tracking, spend statistics and more.

Millions of options.

One Platform.

Client Success

We’re changing the game. Join the revolution.

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