Data insights

Detailed and interactive spending reports in one convenient location.

Understand customer needs

Inventory management is made simple using our end-to-end visibility and control tools. You see where and how spending occurs to support smarter strategic decisions.
With our integrated dashboard, administrators can easily manage thousands of prepaid cards, cards-in-transit, card allocations by member or region, and view assigned cardholder data and demographics.

Real-Time Data

Interactive reports let you explore reward preferences and customer payment types.

Advanced Spend Reporting

View detailed customer data, spending trends, geographies, and inventory from one location.

Export and Integrate

Export, schedule and integrate reports with existing systems using our innovative backend.

Designed with your goals in mind

  • Dive into cardholder spending trends to make informed decisions before future promotions.
  • Filter data by industry, location or date range to get a clearer image of your audience.
  • Export and share PDF or Excel reports online instantly.
  • Secure web-based access so your data remains safe.

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