Welcome to the digital future

Welcome to the digital future

Who we are

We are a digitally native company where innovation, design, and technology meet scale. Augmenting your company, your people, your future, through digital transformation.

Our Core Technologies

Fintech 3.0

TMV is uniquely positioned to lead the next evolution in development of hardware, software, and processes designed to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services across the globe.

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Immersive AR

We provide a complete multisensory experience, driven solely through a user’s mobile device. By overlaying digital experiences in the real world, combined with real-time gratification, our technology is helping shape the future of loyalty, promotions, and payments.

Real-Time Points Conversion

The only real-time points-to-cash platform in the world. Create, customize and launch customer promotions to deliver on-going loyalty rewards. Accumulate points over time for purchases, sales activity, a job well done, or rewarding any other scenario for users to redeem instantly.

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Digital Asset Ecosystem

Enabling crypto exchanges to convert and issue branded Visa cards that let users spend local fiat currency against the value of crypto holdings – all in real time, no matter where you are.

I'm a Telecom looking launch large-scale promotions

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I'm a Timeshare looking to engage my guests

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I'm an Employer looking to motivate my staff

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Customer Reviews

“We have had a fantastic relationship for the last 12 years. We started our agent loyalty program with TMV and they continue to this day to be extremely supportive and helpful. We have just completed an overhaul of our loyalty website and the staff at TMV were extremely professional, dependable and efficient in helping us meet our deadlines. It’s truly a pleasure working with such a great group of professionals.”

Robert Reed – Director, National Accounts

Transat Tours Canada Inc.

Our Mission

To expand global reach so as to become a leading technology innovation company, with global platforms for marketing, gaming, travel, and digital banking/fintech.

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We’re changing the game. Join the revolution.

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