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What is “Quiet Quitting” and how can you, as a business, overcome it?

A recent viral TikTok video addressed the term, which has since gone viral, leading to many people wondering,…


October 22, 2021 in Employee Incentives

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards: How to Motivate Employees

When you think about getting rewarded at work, a raise or holiday bonus may come to mind. But…
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August 9, 2021 in Employee Incentives

Virtual Prepaid Cards: What Are They & How Do They Work?

Learn the benefits and best uses of virtual prepaid cards to grow your payments program.
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TruCash Confirms Bronze Sponsorship at GNEX-CRTA 2022 Conference

TruCash Group of Companies Inc.,ย a leading global payment and incentives provider will participate as a Bronze Sponsor at…
London's colorful downtown core

Client Story: Tourism London

Tourism London drove local spending during COVID-19 with a custom, closed-loop program. Background Tourism London knew that attracting…
FintechPress Release

TruCash Group of Companies Partners with NextPlay Technologies to Globalize Premium Banking Services

Our newest partnership with NextPlay Technologies enables International Banking Services for millions of account holders in nearly every…
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5 Successful Travel Incentive Programs Using Prepaid Cards

If your travel company is looking to deliver a creative travel incentive, implement a unique loyalty program, or…
Employee Incentives

Improve Employee Motivation in These 5 Ways

Recognition and acknowledgement of an employeeโ€™s hard work is a big deal in the workplace. Without it, employee…
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Branded Incentives: Should Your Business Offer Them?

Rewarding customers with money, gifts, or care packages isnโ€™t new; companies have been using incentives for decades to…
Employee IncentivesThought LeadershipUncategorized

The Anatomy of Top Employee Recognition Programs

1. Determine the goal of your employee recognition program To know if your employee recognition program is a…
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Sales Incentives You Can Customize | A Case Study on Opulence Global

The Opulence Global team uses TruCash reloadable cards to reward their members with sales incentives in real-time. Background…
Employee Incentives

How to Reward and Motivate Remote Employees

More and more companies are becoming remote-first. Virtual prepaid cards are emerging as one of the top ideas…
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5 Different Types Of Loyalty Programs: What Are They And What Are Their Differences?

What is a Loyalty Card Program? Customers who enroll in a loyalty / rewards card program allow companies…
Businesses use customer data to drive strategy.
Sales Incentives

How Customer Strategy Uses Loyalty Data

Businesses use data to build more effective customer strategy. Carly Fiorina, former President of Hewlett-Packard Co., once said,…
Cities like Guelph use a tourism rewards program to attract more visitors.
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How Cities Grow with Tourism Programs

Cities use tourism programs to attract visitors and support local business. Every city has something to offer. But…